Capability 1

Give consumers an immersive experience that reflects the vision and values of your brand with custom fabrications from KMDI. Our custom decor solutions are made to impress and made to last.

We work closely with you to bring your design ideas to life as accurately as possible and at your price point. From end users to architects and designers, contractors, consultants, and other third-party representatives, KMDI makes sure each involved party works collaboratively on every project.

Who We Work With

There is virtually no limit to the spaces and clients we can build custom fabrications and fixtures for, although some of our most common industries include:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Multi-family housing
  • Gaming and entertainment venues

However, this list is not exhaustive. We can create fabrications for offices, luxury multi-family units, healthcare, sporting arenas, museums, cultural centers—you name it!

Capability 2

Just as seemingly endless as the list of who we work with is, so is our list of what we can make. No design is too big, small, complex, or simple for us to handle. Our team can handle a wide variety of custom fabrication projects—all of which always arrive onsite prefabricated and pre-finished, ready for installation.

Capability 3

Some of the most frequent custom fabrications we create are:

  • Ceiling design elements, including baffles and beams
  • Signage and wayfinding systems
  • Acoustic design elements
  • Fascias and soffits
  • Wall panels
  • Canopies
  • Rings
  • And more!

Part of what makes our fabrications so unique, affordable, and versatile is our use of MicroLite!™. It’s a lightweight, composite material and proprietary to KMDI. Because MicroLite!™ is also less costly than other building materials yet extremely durable, it’s a great budget-friendly solution to your interior design needs. Nearly any finish can be added to projects made with MicroLite!™ to give the visual aesthetic you envision for the element.

Why Microlite

Check out our gallery to see some of our projects in action for a
wide spectrum of domestic and international clients.

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Whisk hotel guests away to a world of your own creation with custom decor and fixtures throughout your entire hotel or resort. From stunning lobby statement pieces to the smallest details, your guests will make lasting memories with a hotel brand they’ve learned to trust.

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The main attraction at any restaurant is of course the food, but interior design can take guests’ tasting experiences to the next level. Make your restaurant a full-sensory, themed experience with custom fabrications and fixtures of all kinds.

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Corporate offices have a brand reputation to uphold—or to elevate. From singular locations to hundreds or thousands of locations, KMDI can create both one-off and repeatable custom elements to suit your every interior design need.

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Healthcare facilities come in many shapes and sizes, but they all share the same goal of delivering excellent patient care. Include interior design and custom fabrications in your healthcare facilities and patient care with our many solutions.

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Retail Spaces

Retail is still thriving, even in the current era of online shopping. Rejuvenate your retail brand, from standalone stores to entire chains, with custom fixtures that can go just about anywhere in your store. Custom fabrications help transform retail shopping from an uninviting space into a must-see, in-person experience.

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Where learning happens is just as important as how learning happens. Give students of all ages, from elementary up to to university, a place where they can confidently learn and grow with custom designed fabrications.

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Multi-Family Housing

They say home is where the heart is. Make multi-family housing truly feel like home from shared spaces to interior design in individual units with custom elements for walls, ceilings, signage, and beyond.

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Gaming & Entertainment Venues

Make your gaming and entertainment venue part of the entertainment itself! Give guests memorable and unique experiences that make your venue their favorite place to be entertained. From concert halls to theaters, auditoriums, stadiums, casinos, and more, our custom fabrications can help you create fully themed spaces for entertaining.

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If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Our custom interior decor and custom fabrications can be made in any size, any shape, and any finish to meet your needs. Contact KMDI today to learn more about how we can create incredible fixtures to transform your physical brand.