Of course, we’re not limited to the city boundaries of Kansas City. KMDI can ship our custom fabrications anywhere in the U.S. and most countries around the world.

No matter whether you’re a local business, as far as California or New York, or operate globally, let us share with you the rich manufacturing history of our home city and state and how KMDI carries on this tradition today with our custom fabrication solutions.

Kansas City, KS

The roots of Kansas City, Kansas are old and long.

The city was founded in October of 1872, about two decades after Kansas City, Missouri on the other side of the Missouri River was incorporated and became a city. In 1886, Kansas City, KS consolidated the “old” Kansas City, Armourdale, Armstrong, Riverview, and Wyandotte to become the “new” Kansas City. From then on, the city experienced exponential population growth alongside our Missouri neighbor city. From the 1890s-1960s, Kansas City, KS was one of the 100 largest cities in the U.S. by population numerous times.

Missouri River

Many people first think of the Mississippi River when it comes to America’s most iconic rivers, but did you know that the Missouri River is actually the longest river in the U.S.?

Missouri River

At 2,341 miles long, the river starts far from Kansas City and KMDI, all the way northwest in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. People have gathered along the Missouri River for more than 12,000 years, and we’re honored to share in its rich history.

Some of the first trade to take place along the Missouri River was the fur trade in the 19th century, although Native peoples such as the Missouria tribe had also lived along the river for thousands of years prior. As the history of the U.S. progressed, the Missouri River maintained its place as a key source of transportation and commerce.

Fairfax Industrial District

Speaking of Fairfax, KMDI also calls home the Fairfax Industrial District along the Goose Island river bend of the Missouri River.

The area first became an industrial hub in 1923 when the Kansas City Industrial Land Company bought part of the land and the Union Pacific Railroad began to develop it in the following year.

An airport was built, known as the Sweeney Airport and later the Fairfax Airport, along with a naval reserve air base and a variety of other industrial businesses. Later, the district became a hub for manufacturing during WWII and home to a Navy Elimination Air Base, Air Force Plant NC, Fruehauf Trailer Company, a USAAF Modification Center, a rubber factory, and an air freight terminal for Military Air Transport.

Fairfax Industrial District

From Kansas City, KS to Around the World

We hope you’ve learned a bit about the fascinating history of our home base in Kansas City, KS. At KMDI, we put our whole industrial spirit into every custom design and fabrication project, no matter whether you’re a neighbor or on the other side of the world.

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