Architects & Designers

Our goal is always to preserve an architect or designer’s vision and make it a reality. Rather than saying “no” to less conventional designs, we strive to say, “Let’s make it happen.”

Let KMDI help you bring your designs to life with our custom fabrication solutions and expert team. We are fully involved from the beginning of the design process. Our team will consult with you to determine and ensure any design element can be built—and for an acceptable price.

We will help an architect or design firm accurately specify us. In later stages, after being specified, we may assist with redesigns of the element. Common causes of redesigns include changes in the budget, changes in the interior or exterior space where the fabrication is to be installed, or any changes in the overall design focus.

In some cases, our team may be brought into a project to preserve elements of a design by providing a cost-competitive alternative to traditional materials and construction techniques with our prefabricated and pre-finished custom elements that are easy to install.

Architects & Designers

The success of every custom fabrication rests first on the design. For architects and designers, we want you and your client to be satisfied with the overall design concept of their space, and we are confident KMDI can help achieve that satisfaction and beyond.


What We Design and Fabricate

So, just what can be designed by you and built by KMDI? While the sky’s the limit for bringing creative custom decor and fabrications to life, there are many elements our team often builds.

Some of our most popular custom solutions include:

  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Acoustic design elements
  • Ceiling elements
  • Baffles and beams
  • Wall panels
  • Fascias and soffits
  • Canopies
  • Rings

Get Custom Fabrications for
Any Space

We can create even more unique fabrications according to your branding, theming, and architectural needs. With KMDI, you can design incredible custom fabrications to meet your every need and create a next-level branded experience for your consumers.

Learn more about our custom fabrication capabilities here and take a look at some of the amazing designs we’ve brought to life in our gallery.

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