About Us


For over 30 years, KMDI has fashioned and installed architectural elements for many of the major designers, architects, and corporations in the United States.  MicroLite!, a proprietary material invented and produced by KMDI, is a lightweight, seamless and fully encapsulated composite material that can achieve a Class A fire rating.  MicroLite! is as much a process as it is a material and as such it is especially suited to create all manner of soffits, fascia's, displays, curves, rings and clouds.  Our principals and the leader of our fabrication team have a combined total of 90 years of experience.  They have been involved with retail rollout programs to exhibit fabrication to developing signage and wayfinding programs.  The result of all that experience is the assurance that your designs will be fabricated to the highest standards and to your complete satisfaction.

Benefits of MicroLite!

A designer will no longer be restricted by the limitations of traditional building materials and methods.  MicroLite! Elements can be formed with virtually no limitation to shape or size and can be finished with paint, wallpaper, veneer, laminates, metals and the choices are endless.  MicroLite! offers extraordinary consistent and a furniture grade fit and finish matching the identity that you want to project.  Retail decor and rollout programs benefit the most by using MicroLite!  Unlike traditional construction methods, MicroLite! elements arrive on site completely finished and ready for installation and take hours, not days to install.  MicroLite! elements can even include wiring and lighting components pre-installed to further compress the installation time.  Retrofits and remodels are perfect for MicroLite! elements as they can be installed with minimal intrusion of the business.  Best of all, there is no construction mess to clean up!